Focused On Goals

While there are many things you cannot control, and COVID-19 is certainly one of them, there are other things that you definitely can control. Staying focused on your business goals is one.

I know the uncertainty we're all experiencing can be disorienting and distracting, which may be making it very challenging to stay on track!

According to a  study done by the University of Hertfordshire, over 78% of people fail to maintain the focus needed to achieve their goal(s).

While this stat may sound daunting, the good news is that there are a few simple measures that you can take to help you stay focused and make significant progress.

1. Narrow your list. 

Instead of trying to focus on too many goals, narrow them down to 1-3 major goals that you hope to achieve this year. This ensures that you aren't spreading yourself too thin and, as a result, feeling overwhelmed.

2. Break down your major goals.

You'll feel less stressed when you break down a larger goal into a series of smaller steps, each with specific, achievable tasks. This makes reaching your ultimate goal that much easier.

> As you accomplish each step, maintain your momentum and enthusiasm for achieving your goal by celebrating your success.

3. Nurture relationships with friends and associates who will hold you accountable for your progress.

Find one or more friends or associates that you can share your experiences with as you work towards your goal. Ideally, this person will be someone who can encourage you as obstacles arise and celebrate your successes with you along the way.

> When you have an accountability partner, you're no longer "on your own" in your journey. You are also less likely to allow yourself to lose focus or become distracted when you have someone who's encouraging you.

4. Record and document your process.

Start a journal and write about your experience as you pursue your goal. Writing down your thoughts is a great way to maintain your focus to the end.

Learn the Power of Journaling to Project Your Tomorrow as you Head Towards it Today.

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Your journal is a visual reminder of why you created your goal(s). It will help you maintain your enthusiasm and focus. The journal will also make it easier to document how you'll feel once your goal is complete. In effect, it gets your subconscious mind "on board" with your plan to reach your goal(s).

It's important to have your entire psyche working as you focus on the 1-3 goals you want to achieve this year.  

Yes, it will take hard work and consistent effort to achieve your major goals, but you CAN maintain your passion and motivation to realize your dreams with these simple, focus-maintaining strategies.


P.S: Take care of yourself, stay focused, stay positive, and stay safe!

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