Simple Goals Strategy

Commit to one big goal for the year and focus your energy on achieving it.

Staying focused enough on your business or life goals is what many often find very difficult to achieve. It can lead to not wanting to continue working on them altogether, which then creates a lack of direction and clarity. Much like that new year’s resolution, a large number of us give up within the first month. Even before 2020, many blamed distractions such as social media, family, or technology in general because they have a hard time concentrating on their goals.

Despite all of the best intentions and efforts, staying focused can be a bit of a challenge, as we’ve all experienced at times.  

A study done by the University of Hertfordshire reported that about 50% of those who made New Year's resolution that includes a significant goal, over 78% of them will not keep the focus needed to take the actions needed to achieve their goals.   

While these are disheartening statistics, there is good news. You can use easy to manage techniques that can help you stay focused and make serious progress.

Using these 5 simple strategies, you can stay focused the next time you somehow get distracted from your goals:

Strategy #1: Visualize your goal

When people visualize anything, it makes it much more likely for them to make it a reality. They see the vision in their heads and then take steps to make it happen. It is also a great way to get your subconscious mind aligned with the plan you have for reaching your goal. It is believed by many that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. He did not; he improved it. Edison had a vision and stopped at nothing to see it through.

Make it a habit to visualize your goals every day. Doing this can be added to your morning routine.

Strategy #2: Shorten your list

Don’t try to focus on too many goals; narrow your list down by creating one primary goal and 1-3 sub-goals that you will work on towards achieving your primary goal within the year. If you spread yourself too thin, then this will no doubt cause overwhelm and lack of motivation. It is much easier to accomplish it if you take multiple action steps.

Strategy #3: Chunk down your goals

Now that you have sub-goals, they too can be chunked down into a series of smaller steps, each with specific, achievable tasks. Your sub-goals will have different timelines as you go. As they are smaller, they will be much easier to complete.

  • As you accomplish each step, maintain your momentum, energy, and enthusiasm for achieving that goal by celebrating your wins along the way.

Strategy #4: Find an accountability partner

Find at least one person you can work with to keep you accountable for your progress. Your ideal accountability partner is someone who also needs someone to hold them accountable as you both work towards your goals. They can encourage you when obstacles appear and celebrate your wins with you as you go.

Think of them as your goal buddy, and having someone there to help you along is so much better because you are no longer on your own to achieve your primary goal. With your accountability partner (goal buddy), it is less likely that you will allow yourself to become as distracted as you would going it alone on your journey. They are there to encourage and keep you on track.

Strategy #5: Document your processes 

Whether you have a team or not, you should always document your processes, whether it's achieving your sub and primary goals. Many do this in the form of a journal. I would encourage you to open to Google Doc and jot it all down there so you can easily share it with your existing or new team members.  

  • As you write these processes down, this will be an effective way to maintain and boost your motivation to see it through.

Extra Strategy: Create a physical or virtual goal board 

Create a physical or virtual goal board.  - This goal board will be your reminder of not just the goal you are trying to achieve by your why (reason) for this goal. Use a poster board, bulletin board, or Asana, Trello, Pinterest board; fill it with phrases, pictures, and other images that will help you maintain your focus and eagerness. Break it down to weekly, monthly, quarterly goals. This board is very similar to your vision board, but the focus is on the short term, not your overall vision. 

  • Having a goal board can help you visualize the outcome you want and how it will make you feel once you've completed the goal. It is also a great way to get your subconscious mind aligned with the plan you have for reaching your goal.

Achieving the primary goal you set for yourself requires you to be focused driven as you take consistent action towards making it a reality. As you pursue your vision of achieving that big goal, it’s so important that you stay focused and motivated. 

I hope these simple strategies will help you reach your goals and realize your big dreams.

It time to take your vision out into the world!

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