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2018 is winding down, with just over a month left in the year so instead of waiting for the new year to focus on your list building opportunities.  Let’s take a look at doing so now instead of waiting.

List building should be a top goal in your digital marketing strategy. For many online business owners list building is one of those things that many shy away from. The reason for that is it often just seem like too much work and can even feel a little ‘spammy’ (it isn’t as long as you go about it in the right way).

In reality, list building is an incredibly important aspect of any online business owners campaign though, and if you aren’t doing it, then you’re seriously missing out on your full potential. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider…

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It’s Secure

One of the great things about having a list is that it’s forever. Of course, people can unsubscribe, but they won’t tend to unless you really upset them. Of course, they might change their contact details, but again this isn’t that common.

As such, you can forget about your mailing list for years and come back to it, and it will still be there. Because search engine optimization is increasingly unreliable these days as Google is continually changing their algorithms to update the way they choose which sites to show and it’s crucial to have other means of reaching people. If you have a mailing list, then that’s a guaranteed audience with very little upkeep.

Also with all the changes happening on social media sites like Facebook and how you can build your organic audience them deciding who sees your posts. Email may be your best option for consistency.

It Stands Out

Getting noticed online is increasingly difficult these days with so many different sites and companies and entrepreneurs offering the same products or services vying for our attention at all times. For this reason, the ability to reach someone directly in their inbox is a very useful ability.

The other reasons that an e-mail stands out are for starters, it is an active form of marketing that can reach people anywhere and at any time. At the same time, it can be highly timed so that your list receives your marketing messages at specific times of the day so that it has the maximum impact.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”686mN” via=”yes” ]List building is an important aspect of any good online strategy and is definitely something you need to invest time in.[/ctt]

It’s Personal

E-mails are also very personal, and they allow you to approach your audience in an entirely new way. If you send an e-mail to someone you can be colloquial and you can talk to them as though you were messaging them personally. This is great for building trust and familiarity with your audience, and ultimately it can help create more value and be more persuasive when you try to sell something.

List building is an important aspect of any good online strategy and is definitely something you need to invest time in.

So go ahead and promote where you will be seen by your audience and they will find your content valuable. For some, the best place for this is on social media. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (Newsfeeds, Ads, Groups), Instagram, YouTube and any other platform you believe your audience may be located.

Happy List Building!

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