Planning your success is a skill

As an entrepreneur it essential that you take time to plan your business successes. So many online business owners new and existing, unfortunately, do not take the time to plan the basics of their online business. This is unfortunate because many of these business owners who fail to plan, remain aimless in their quest for success. In most cases, they never achieve much, except for small victories here or there. They become discouraged and start believing they were never cut out for having a successful business.

What it all boils down to in their cases is not having a plan. If you are in this position, you can make changes by coming up with an effective plan to start. Your plan does not have to be complicated to be good or effective. In fact, simpler plans have a much better chance of succeeding, all things being equal. A plan may be comprehensive, but if it’s overwhelming for you or no one on your team understands it, what’s the point?

Setting up a to-do list is a good first step. While it may not encompass a complete plan as it only concentrates on the day-to-day or weekly activities, it can be used as the basis for determining a longer-term plan. The great aspect of to-do lists is that you can analyze them for strengths and weaknesses. This assumes, of course, that you don’t throw them out after use. Create a folder to keep them in offline or online so you can perform analysis on them.

During your analysis, check to see which tasks you continue to carry over to the next day or week. This can be an indication that you are not giving enough time for those tasks, or you may need others to help you complete them.

Start by printing out your daily to-do list and keep it where it’s visible on your desk. Then write down any constraints that may cause delays in getting some of the tasks completed. For instance, did you have to wait for another person to complete the task? These steps will help you during the analysis process.

Once you have a month or a few months of to-do lists, incorporate a calendar into the process. This will help you see at a high-level which larger tasks need to get completed and the dates needed to complete them.

Some people like to use digital time-management programs. There are some available for free and others that are paid. This is a personal preference, so you can give both the hard-copy to-do list and the digital solutions a try. The best system is the one that works for you.

Because this will be different for everyone using them. The key is to come up with a system to get an effective plan in place for a successful year.

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