New Year - Fresh Start

There has to be an ending to create new beginnings.

A new year is full of dreams, of changes, and new experiences. Be willing to accept the changes that your new beginning will bring. That will allow you to open up to all the amazing possibilities that lie ahead.

2020 is in the rearview mirror, and as you look to the future, some reflections may be necessary on the positives you can take with you.  Focusing on the negatives will only make it harder for you to make the changes necessary for you to reach your big goal. I often take this first week to improve on or create new routines and habits in the new year.  Towards the end of the year, I worked with clients to lay out their intentions are for the new year. We walk through what they wanted to achieve and the plan to get it done. Including how they will attract their ideal clients, how they will be more visible, how they will create more freedom in their lives, their offers, and their freebies… 

Have you taken the time to go through what you want to achieve this year and the action steps you need to take to make it happen?

The reality of endings

True endings come when you move beyond thinking about them. If self-doubt or negativity get in the way, you’ve got to find ways to distance yourself and make space for a positive outlook. If you don’t, it will interfere with the future you want to have and keep you from achieving your vision of a new beginning and the changes you want to make.

Creating New Beginnings

Every year is an opportunity for you to sit down and figure out your vision for your company. What you want to do differently this year that will make your vision a reality. Is it a new home, new car, starting that new business, adding new programs, creating a new course, or getting even more clarity on your ideal audience?  As the visionary of your company, it’s important that you create a business that allows you to work less, while getting more done and making more money. 

Make sure to include in your plan who will be there to take the day-to-day tasks off your plate and implement non-income-generating projects.   Giving you time to work with clients and market your business so you can grow to 6-figures doing what you enjoy doing.  

Fresh Perspective

The goals you set for yourself as a visionary, do you need to look at them from a fresh perspective? Revisit them and make the necessary changes, whether in your business or personal life.   

Think about things in a whole new way. Let go of old beliefs. It's time for a mindset shift, one that will energize you, so you are ready for whatever happens in business and life. So many were caught off guard last year.  

Making Changes

If you don't make changes, change isn’t possible. 

Many struggles with change as we’ve no doubt seen over the years.  If you are struggling or feel stuck, think about taking a new course of action to bring you success and happiness.  As scary as that may seem, that may be the change you need to grow your business this year and get on with your life.  

The first step is to eliminate any fear as you take this new journey.  A great way to start is by developing routines and habits that will help you get rid of negative thoughts and beliefs. Try including a quick 5 or 10-minute meditation or visualization to clear your mind, giving you a fresh start every morning.  

Prepare to take action

Now that you have that routine to energize you throughout the day.  Next, prepare yourself for the action steps you need to take for your vision to reality.  Although there will be obstacles on your journey - your commitment, resilience, and perseverance are what will get you through. 

So, review your plan, set meaningful goals, prioritize what’s important each day, take deliberate and decisive actions as you stay the course.  

Now is the time to make your vision real to achieve your big goals and live the life you desire.   

Cheers to you accomplishing the success you deserve!