“Success demands a singleness of purpose.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking the best way to get things done is to multitask and work on many things at the same time. But by juggling too many tasks, you’re well on your way to feeling overwhelmed and eventually burning out. This doesn’t do your business any good at all.

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When you focus on working on just one thing at a time, you’re able to think deeper and be more creative, which results in a better finished product. Use Dell as an example: they started with just one thing, computers. They were able to focus on their one thing, and they grew an entire empire around that single focus.

If you want an email list full of subscribers, you need to focus on one thing: building your email list. When you invest your energy into your email list, you’re able to convert subscribers into paying customers and build relationships with customers you may not have met any other way.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

One of the areas I am incredibly passionate about with my clients. Before you spend your time on trendy marketing tactics, make growing your email subscriber list your top priority. Whether you’re launching a new business or looking to build your existing one, a high-quality, relevant email list will help you achieve your goals. Notice I did not say a big list. Your list must be of quality.

It may feel impossible when you have a massive list of high priority tasks in your business, but with email marketing, you’ll put automated systems in place to attract potential clients on a consistent basis with just a one-time setup.

Get the results you desire.

You can’t expect your business to grow if you aren’t taking advantage of email marketing. Think strategically about where you want your business to go and plan for that.

Start by identifying who you serve, be as niched as possible. Create an enticing and valuable free offer, and use that free offer to get your ideal clients to join your email list. Seize the opportunity to market directly to your potential customers by creating and growing your email list.

Doing this is one surefire way to grow your business.

The magic of doing one thing.

When you focus solely on doing one thing, which in this case is growing your email list, you are putting processes in place that will bring in tremendous results for your business over time.

Email marketing has been proven to work time and time again, so invest the time needed to build a quality list. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create your first series of emails. The beauty of email marketing is that it takes the same amount of time to create and send one email as it does to send 500 emails.

By automating the process, you will save time, reach a larger audience, and build relationships with your subscribers as you continue to nurture them.

How are you going to make growing your email list a priority?

Avoid getting caught up in trying to do too many things at once and focus solely on building your email list for now. Email marketing is an excellent way for you to stand out to your audience when you’re starting a business or trying to grow an existing one. Your subscribers are eager to receive your emails, and over time they will begin to see you as an expert in your field. Put the time and energy needed into growing your list, and it will reap endless benefits for your business.

Prioritize Your Success !

~ Janet