Multitasking is the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time. ~ Unknown

Despite what we’ve all been told, we‘re simply not good at multitasking.  Many will tell you they end up doing a bunch at tasks poorly. Since we’re not robots, we don’t have the ability to slice up time in ways that will be most productive.  

We are often able to get away with doing as many as two items at the same time. But, keep in mind, your tasks will require your full attention. That means it is not possible to do them simultaneously, even though you may think it is.

Daily Tasks

As online business owners, we use computers to do multiple tasks on a daily basis, which helps you get more done in less time. However, someone still will need to manage the time for those tasks to ensure it has everything needed to take care of the output required.

Another problem that entrepreneurs often encounter is keeping our minds from wandering off while doing mundane tasks. We sometimes forget what we’re doing which requires us to retrace our steps to figure out what we should have been doing or missed (time waster).  This is where having a notebook on hand or some type of system in place will help you to remember where you left off so you can pick right back up. Unfortunately, most people are so turned off by the idea of creating systems that, in itself, can be tougher to manage.

If this is your situation, try to find ways to offload or delegate to others, a team member, or a VA service. Many entrepreneurs find implementing this can be not only cost effective, but it also gives you back so much time to focus on the revenue generating aspects of your business.

Working with your team

If you have a team, it’s really important not to create complications with your team or set unrealistic goals for them and yourself.  Expecting your team members to multitask will yield the same result in most cases. I’ve worked with many business owners who believe it’s a good idea to hire one person to handle the task that it may take 3 or 4 people to do.  

When it comes to outsourcing, some may find it challenging. My recommendation is to start small with something that needs to be done that you really don’t like to do or are simply not good at. For some, that may be posting to social media.  That can be a very time-consuming task for a business owner, and having someone to source content or create posts for you can be a huge help. Once you can make this work, it can be a tremendous productivity booster, and your focus will improve dramatically.


I highly recommend you keep your tasks to one item at a time. If you have a team, you may need to determine the critical paths of the tasks you are responsible for.

What will you get doing it this way? You will get much better focus and a higher quality outcome just by working on tasks one at a time.  

This, in the end, will reduce the constant state of overwhelm you feel as a business owner now that you’re getting more done with a more focused and tuned in approach.




~ Janet McIntosh