Perfection Perfection Is The Enemy of Action

“We don’t abandon our pursuits because we despair of ever perfecting them.” ~ EPICTETUS, DISCOURSES, 1.2.37b

As an entrepreneur, you know that we all hold ourselves to high standards in everything that we do. We are also extremely critical when it comes to self-evaluations. Does that sound like you at all?  

Over the years studies have shown that consistently chasing perfection can get in the way of a happy and productive life. Perfectionism has also been connected to anxiety, procrastination, low productivity, and depression. You can read more here: (

Demanding continual high standards is absolutely not needed for us to succeed in life. 

I’ve talked about crucial mistakes that can prevent you from growing in the past.  The reality is you must be willing to make those mistakes and others.  That is what will help you in developing that unstoppable spirit you need to achieve your dreams and desires.  Billionaires like Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Oprah, Larry Ellison, and the list goes on having all made mistakes, and despite those mistakes, they still made billions.  

That is why developing the ability to recognize when high standards are necessary and when they are only getting in the way of your desires, momentum, efficiency, and taking action. Give yourself permission to get to the place where good enough on most tasks and projects allows you to get more done without compromising quality. 

Use this open-minded approach to allow in creativity, innovation, and most importantly, FUN.

Freeing yourself from being a perfectionist begins with confidence, flexibility, and faith in yourself and your unique abilities.   

Remember: You are good enough as you are. 

So, next time you notice that you’re being too hard on yourself hard, feeling anxious, hesitant on projects or tasks, or hearing that little voice being critical in your head about where you are or what you’ve achieved.  

Stop, take a long deep breath or two ;-), and ask yourself:  

  • “Does this circumstance require me to hold myself to standards that are not needed?”  
  • “Is this project or task good enough as it is?”

Start using this  “good enough approach” as you go through your day. Your high standards should be reserved for special circumstances only.  

Once you start to get more done, it will help in keeping the momentum going to doing even more!  

Our pursuits should be aimed at progress, however little that it’s possible for us to make at times.

Choose completion over perfection!