Thanks for exploring more about me and my work - I am committed to supporting you in having not just vibrationally matched, but aligned customers who are eager to purchase the products, programs, and services you provide. To step into your power and create financial freedom, time freedom, to do what you do best when supporting others. Easier, faster, and simpler then you ever thought possible!

Who Am I?

My name is Janet McIntosh and I am the owner and Business Systems Strategist at Aligned Biz Systems, and

Hi everyone,

So glad to be here on the journey as we all create more visibility to reach our ideal clients.

My name is Janet McIntosh, Business Systems Strategies, and I help entrepreneurs prioritize, simplify, and strategize profitable systems to grow their online business to 6-figures and beyond.

It’s my joy to help heart-centered entrepreneurs get their businesses online by creating and using systems that can be replicated to build their lists of ideal clients, launch products & programs, enlarge social media presence, etc. As a former Online Marketing Manager, I have an inside view on what really works fast when trying to reach and attract your ideal clients and customers online.

As I work with my clients, we focus on creating a framework that consists of strategies, steps, techniques, and prioritization, all in an integrative way to attract more "aligned" leads that are excited about your business and feel a real sense of connection to you. Once this framework is created, my clients have a plan or a system in place to TRANSFORM those aligned leads into a prosperous business that can stand the test of time and provide them with fulfillment and joy!

The clients I work with are heart- centered and aligned entrepreneurs. Are you looking to reach the next level but somehow have doubts about your abilities at both an inner and outer level? Not sure what to do to break through to your greatest destiny in your business? One of the gifts that I am blessed with is that I can help a client see what needs to be prioritized to get the greatest return that’s aligned with the client’s skills and abilities. When that happens, it's like MAGIC! You feel more empowered, on track and yes aligned! So aligned clients and customers flow in, you work less, make more and financial freedom is yours! Now you are aligned to support the issues, causes and things you care about- you are living an aligned life!

Sound too good to be true? Let me show you how this could work for you. Apply for a business strategy session. There is no obligation, and after just 60 minutes you will have a plan that will work for you. You will also be clear on what your next steps should be.

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